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New Film “The Shadow of Gold” - Do You Know Where the Gold in your Ring Comes From?

Do you know where the gold in your ring is coming from, or Canada’s role in the global market of gold? And did you know that more than 1 in 4 metal mines in Canada and the world is a gold mine? If not, you must see The Shadow of Gold, a new international production by award-winning filmmakers that pulls back the curtain on one of the world’s most precious metals.

Watch the trailer on Youtube. It's also on facebook here.

From raw material to market, the film exposes the impact of gold on human lives, the economy and the planet. It includes featured stories from Canada, USA, London, Dubai, China, DRC and Peru.

This film is particularly timely in the context of major shifts and mergers in the global gold mining industry (see here and here) , as well as heightened public attention to the risks of environmental disasters with metal mining, such as the recent massive mine waste spills near Brumadinho in Brazil which resulted in dozens of deaths and still hundreds missing (see shocking video here).

See also the Gold Facts and What You Can Do to reduce the impacts of metal and gold mining in Canada and the world.

Whether you are a mine worker, a jewelry maker or retailer, a policy-maker, or simply a citizen concerned about the impacts of our ever-increasing consumeristic world, don’t miss this film.

Book your ticket online now using this special promo code for a reduced price “GOLDMWC,” and come to the panel discussions that will follow the each of the screenings to share your own stories about how gold mining is affecting your life or community.

  • Toronto, February 22 (tickets) World Premiere, Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, 6:30pm
  • Ottawa, February 27 (tickets) Mayfair Theatre 6:00pm
  • Vancouver, March 11 (tickets) Vancity Theatre 6:30pm
  • Calgary, March 20 (tickets) Globe Cinema 7:00pm
  • Montreal, March 26 (ticketsCinema du Parc, 7:00pm
  • Halifax (tickets) Location and date to be announced

TV Broadcast Premieres

  • TVO (Ontario) March 13, 9pm
  • Canal D (Canada) March 28, 10pm
  • Knowledge Network (BC) Date TBD
  • Arte (France, Germany), SVT (Sweden) and NRK (Norway) Date TBD

For more information about the film: