MiningWatch Canada Activities

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

MiningWatch Canada has an impact on the accountability of policy makers and industry alike with four main activities. We:

  • Provide an Ottawa-based monitoring function of mining companies, government agencies, and industry associations;

  • Carry out and disseminate high quality research highlighting current problems with mineral policies and practices;

  • Promote a well-grounded public agenda for reform of selected industry practices and government policy;

  • Increase regional intervention capacity by facilitating information exchange, effective communications and joint strategic initiatives among affected public stakeholders.

  • Link with other activist and non-governmental organisations around the world to exchange information and strategies around specific projects and corporations as well as policy and legal questions.

MiningWatch Canada and its member organisations are able to play many rôles. In some cases our staff take a lead in carrying out research and advocacy efforts; in others we play a rôle of accompaniment, facilitation or support, or maybe just a watching brief as other organisations with the appropriate expertise or jurisdiction take the lead.