URGENT COMMUNIQUÉ Two arrested in Andalgalá for fighting against the M.A.R.A. - AGUA RICA installation

Asamblea El Algarrobo

This morning, the prosecutor Martín Camps took the statements of six people and decided to detain two comrades from the El Algarrobo Assembly for judicial disobedience and alleged threats, in the face of FALSE accusations from people related to the mining company.

At the moment, Aldo Flores, who is over seventy years old, is being held in solitary confinement in the Zonal Hospital, due to the cardiac decompensation he suffered in the middle of [providing] his statement. Enzo Brizuela, who is also in poor health, is being held in the departmental police station.


In the police station [the police] did not want to provide any information about Enzo, neither to neighbours nor to the press.

As an Assembly, we hold Prosecutor Camps, the government and the judiciary of the Province of Catamarca responsible for damages to the physical and mental integrity of the detainees and the people who continue to resist the imposition of this project that every day threatens to kill the entire community of Andalgalá and the whole region.

In April last year, the police removed those who were unjustly detained for the incidents in the Agua Rica offices from their cells in order to force illegal statements. From this act, complaints were made regarding the violation of their human rights.

We will not forget the beatings suffered at the hands of police personnel and the destruction during the raids, the miners' henchmen who ran over Enzo and two other comrades with their private vehicle, or the unmarked vans parked in front of our houses all night. These dictatorial methods remind us of an infamous era that never ceases to haunt us. If we said NEVER AGAIN, we cannot permit these abuses to persist today.  

We demand that the Judge of Control of Guarantees - Karina Naame - dismiss the cases of the arrested comrades along with the almost thirty arrested last month by Prosecutor Camps, who, in collusion with the provincial powers, was installed in Andalgalá to ensure the opening of a project that does not have, and will NEVER have, a social licence. We demand an end to institutional violence against the people of Andalgalá.

In the meantime, we call on the community to go to the departmental police station to support our dear comrades and tireless warriors, Aldo and Enzo, and Enzo, demand their IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

Here no one surrenders!