Commons Podcast: Barrick and the Cruelty of Gold

Canadaland COMMONS

Papua New Guinea is a part of the world that few Canadians ever think about. But for the people of Porgera, their lives have been shaped by the decisions of Canadian companies. 

It’s hard to wrap your head around the atrocities that people in Porgera have suffered over the last thirty year. Environmental devastation. Murder as a matter of course. Hundreds of women and girls who have been raped. 

So why is Barrick Gold, the company that has operated the mine for the last decade and a half, still celebrated across the country? And why is Barrick’s founder, Peter Munk, still viewed as a philanthropic and corporate icon?

Featured in this episode: Everlyn Gaupe, McDiyan Robert Yapari, Stanley Peter, Cressida Kuala, Catherine Coumans, Richard Poplak

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