Message from the Indigenous Xinka Parliament, Guatemala, re: COVID-19

Xinka Parliament

The Xinka People of Guatemala Inform the Public That:

On March 20, a person tested positive for COVID-19 in Santa Rosa. Currently, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance has over 80 other people under observation in the highlands of Santa Rosa. For this reason we reached a consensus-based decision between all of the coordinators of the different communities [involved in the peaceful resistance], to temporarily disband the resistance camp in the municipality of Casillas effective Sunday, March 22, 2020. Although the resistance [camp] is temporarily suspended, we continue monitoring any actions that the mining company may take to transport materials or take advantage of the State of Emergency to do work.

We call on the population not to be surprised by the misinformation that a group of people with bad intentions are circulating on social media. These people are trying to cause instability and misinformation in communities, as well as to encourage people to flout government orders with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures. These people do not represent, nor are they part of the Xinka Peoples Parliament of Guatemala.

Any official communication will be through the coordinators of each of our communities’ resistance groups via usual means.

Guatemala, March 24, 2020

The original statement in Spanish is attached.

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