CONAIE: To the Country (October 10, part 2)


From CONAIE to the Country

  1. We communicate to national and international public opinion that the mobilizations continue.
  2. We call on national, provincial and communitarian organizations as well as fraternal social organizations and the general public to stay firm in the National Mobilization.
  3. Up to the present day there is no dialogue or responses regarding the points of the National Mobilization, for this reason, we reject the false information the government is spreading.
  4. We assign full repsonsability to the National Government for the deaths of our four comrades in struggle who were assassinated:
    1. Segundo Inocencio Tucumbi Vega
    2. Marco Otto
    3. Raul Chilpe
    4. Jose Daniel Chiluisa

And other comrades who we are currently in the process of confirming their names

  1. Any dialogue with the President of the Republic and his cabinet must be direct, public and transparent and include the presence of certified observers (UN, Episcopal Conference) about the points of the mobilization which are:

The abolition of the economic measures and no to extractivism

6. Conditions for dialogue

We demand that the government guarantee the following minimum conditions for dialogue:

  1. Dismissal of the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Interior
  2. Immediate freedom of all those detained
  3. Immediate termination of repression

D.M. October 10, 2019, Quito 


For the council of the government

Jaime Vargas
President of CONAIE

[translated from original statement by Kirsten Francescone, MiningWatch Canada. Any errors are my own]

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