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TAKE ACTION: Demand that INV Metals make the Environmental Impact Assessment for Loma Larga, Public!

In November, 2020, organizations from Southern Ecuador requested that Canadian company INV Metals give them access to the Environmental Impact Assessment for its Loma Larga project, as well as other technical studies. The company has failed to respond, denying these organizations basic access to critical environmental and social information, despite saying time and again that the project will not negatively affect the highly sensitive Kimsakocha páramo ecosystem. If the company is convinced that no harm will come of the mine, then it should make these studies available to the communities who will be most affected by it. What is it trying to hide? On Friday, December 4, 2020, several international organizations sent a letter to the company, demanding that they make these studies public. 

TAKE ACTION to support communities in Southern Ecuador by demanding the company release this critically important information to the public.

Demand that INV Metals make the EIA and other studies public!