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Gloria Chicaiza Physically Gone But Forever Remembered

We wish to express our deep sense of loss for our comrade, Gloria Chicaiza Aguilar, who succumbed to complications from a lung transplant on December 28, 2019. 

Gloria (Glorita) was a strong and courageous woman who fought tirelessly for a just and ecological Ecuador, an Ecuador free of the environmental and social destruction caused by mining and oil extraction.

For years, MiningWatch Canada has had the honour of collaborating with Gloria as a member of the Acción Ecológica extractives team. Her determination, commitment, and above all, her contagious and warming smile, made our partnerships not only possible, but strong and enduring.

The last few years that Gloria has struggled with her illness have been certainly hard on her and her family, but her resolve did not waver. She was determined to continue doing what she truly loved, and was motivated by the social movements that surrounded her in their pursuit of an ecologically just future. Even when her travel, and ultimately, her in-office work, were limited by her need for constant oxygen and rest, she still found time for Skype calls, workshops and meetings. In September, when we last met, she was positive and optimistic about her illness and her outlook on life continued to be bright. She was determined to continue doing whatever it took, regardless of the physical consequences, to fight for a better life for all.

Over the past few days we have seen the beautiful and deep eulogies that have been made in her honour by rural and urban people and organizations not only in Ecuador, but across the region. These memorials give us confidence that although Gloria will be deeply missed, her legacy will continue to live on in others inspired by her warmth and courage.

We send our heartfelt condolences to her family, her loving son, and her friends and comrades. We will be forever grateful for her dedication and sacrifice and remember her fondly.

Acción Ecológica has asked us to also share the video of her burial on Facebook.