Blog Entry

Announcing the Canary Institute

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

The Canary Research Institute on Mining, Environment, and Health was incorporated on November 3, 2003, to promote the advancement of education and the reduction of poverty in Canada and elsewhere relating to and resulting from the impacts of mineral development on the physical, cultural, social and emotional health of humans and human communities, and on the health of terrestrial and aquatic environments by:

  1. Undertaking scientific and social research;
  2. Publishing, promoting and distributing the results of the Institute’s research in articles, journals and monographs and by developing and delivering workshops and seminars to disseminate the results of the Institute’s research; and
  3. Providing seminars and workshops for rural and remote communities dealing with the impacts of mining;

Our activities will include:

  • Creation of a Knowledge Network for Communities Affected by Mining
  • On the Ground Research: research and technical support in response to the expressed needs of local communities
  • Community Health and Mining: studies issues related to health risk assessment
  • Water Impacts Assessment: development of a research agenda on the relationship of mineral extraction to water
  • The Curriculum Project: development of educational modules for use in schools about the effects of mineral extraction on the environment and society.