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Mushkegowuk Tribal Council Comments on the Scoping of the Environmental Assessment of DeBeers' Victor Project at Attawapiskat on James Bay

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

Mushkegowuk Council is the regional organization that represents the interests of seven Cree First Nations in the James Bay Basin of North-Eastern Ontario. Besides Attawapiskat First Nation, it includes three other remote communities on the shores of James Bay: Moose Cree, Fort Albany and Kashechewan First Nations. It also includes three road accessible communities: Taykwa Tagamou (New Post), Chapleau Cree and Missanabie Cree First Nations. Mushkegowuk Council sees the Victor Project as a critically important project, first of all for Attawapiskat First Nation and its aspirations, and secondly as a precedent-setting project that will affect future resource development in the Mushkegowuk region.

Mushkegowuk Council Comments on Draft Guidelines for the Conduct of a Comprehensive Study and the Preparation of a Draft Comprehensive Study Report: Victor Diamond Project