Planning for International “Real Costs of Mining” Conference

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

Next spring, MiningWatch Canada will bring together 30 leaders from communities affected by Canadian mining companies around the world to share their stories and develop a framework for research projects located in their experience of mining in all its stages. A video and booklet will also come out of the meeting.

Community representatives will be invited from Peru, Chile, Guyana, Nicaragua, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana and South Africa, as well as from communities in the United States and Canada. The format of the seminar will be very participatory, and translation will be provided.

The seminar will be a collaborative effort with the Canadian Consortium for International Social Development (CCISD) — an organization of scholars, activists and organizations doing and promoting applied research and advocacy. Located in Ottawa, they are committed to social justice, "advocacy from below" and participatory action research.

We have applied to the International Development Research Centre's Mining Policy Research Initiative for funding.