Annual Report 2023: Key Highlights

Our annual report provides some key highlights from MiningWatch's work in 2023, with additional information about our financial position in 2023.

International Campaigns: Holding government and industry accountable for mining abuses abroad 

  • Demanding a commitment from Canada to protect the deep seabed
  • Calling for the release of jailed water defenders in El Salvador
  • Reporting on forced evictions at Barrick’s North Mara mine in Tanzania
  • Providing access to risk analysis for Barrick’s expansion in the Dominican Republic
  • Looking internationally for justice for the murder of Mexican leader, Mariano Abarca

Regulatory effectiveness: Strengthening laws that uphold environmental, social & economic standards

  • Supporting Gitxaała and Ehattesaht First Nations’ challenge to Free Entry
  • Testifying before Parliament on the need for binding accountability mechanisms
  • Challenging clawbacks to the federal Impact Assessment Act
  • Advocating for mining reform in Quebec

Movement building and community support: Working in solidarity to effect change

  • Mapping the mining boom and advocating for local decision-making power
  • Facilitating a regional exchange of women defending water in Colombia and Ecuador
  • Advocating that Ecuadorians be consulted on a trade deal

Communications and Advocacy: Getting the word out, reinforcing credibility, ensuring relevance

  • Publishing a practical how-to guide for protecting water from mining
  • Informing the UN Special Rapporteur about mining impacts on water
  • Highlighting Canada’s corporate accountability problem at the UN