Putting Voices at Risk: Brief to UN Special Rapporteur Mary Lawlor on Canada's support for mining over human rights

To accompany a meeting with UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Mary Lawlor, we provide six case studies spanning 17 years that demonstrate Canada's failures to respect human rights when it comes to mining. The first two case studies precede Canada’s adoption in 2016 of Voices at Risk: Canada’s Guidelines on Supporting Human Rights Defenders (Voices at Risk). Events outlined in the four subsequent case studies take place after the adoption of Voices at Risk. This brief makes clear that Canada’s primary orientation towards protecting the interests of Canadian mining companies – even in the face of credible claims of human rights violations and often with particular vigour when such claims are made – has not changed over these 17 years. The Voices at Risk guidelines have served more as a fig leaf than as a credible source of protection for human rights defenders calling out the harm done by Canadian mining companies globally.