Vendredi, juin 15, 2012

In Honduras, the Canadian government is spending taxpayer dollars to help set up a favourable legal framework for Canadian mining operations against the will of Honduran civil society, while remaining silent about rampant targeted attacks and threats against the press and social movements.

Vendredi, juin 15, 2012

"Goldcorp has reaped the benefits of our communities and land while we have reaped the bitter consequences.” - Reina Gamero, teacher and member of the Siria Valley Environmental Committee in Honduras.

Lundi, mai 14, 2012

Map: In the last few years, environmental defenders have organized to confront the social and environmental impacts of the mining industry. For their work protecting natural resources and the environment, environmental defenders have been subjected to human rights violations, which include threats, kidnappings, violent attacks and murder. The case studies examined in this report, and illustrated with this map, show that these instances are part of a growing trend in Mexico and Central America.

Lundi, avril 30, 2012

News release: A delegation of Central American and North American representatives called on Goldcorp to take responsibility for the cleanup at current mine sites, and alerted shareholders to outstanding public health issues, environmental degradation and conflict.

Mercredi, avril 25, 2012

Honduran civil society organizations are once again denouncing Honduran authorities for refusing to consult with them over a new mining law.

Mardi, mars 6, 2012

News release: This week, Canadian taxpayers will cover the costs of eleven journalists from eight Latin American countries – and Mongolia – to attend the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) 2012 conference. This appears to be another attempt on the part of Canadian authorities to manage the message instead of seriously addressing the roots of mine conflicts in countries such as Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador.

Mardi, janvier 24, 2012

Communiqué: Twenty-one Honduran environmental, indigenous and human rights organizations have issued a joint statement demanding that the Honduran government create space for real and effective debate over a proposed new mining law. They also report that the congressional commission that wrote the law has been under pressure to get it passed.

Mercredi, septembre 21, 2011

Press Release: Effective September 19th, Goldcorp has been removed from the Dow Jones North America Sustainability Index. The announcement comes in the context of ongoing allegations of human rights violations and evidence of environmental contamination in communities affected by Goldcorp’s mining activities.

Vendredi, juillet 15, 2011

Fifty-two international civil society organizations have asked Honduran authorities to stop criminalizing environmental defenders and to ensure them personal freedom, due process, and the right to continue their defence of human rights.

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Mardi, mai 17, 2011

Comunicado de prensa: Defensores de los derechos humanos de América Latina están presentes en Vancouver para dar evidenciar los impactos devastadores que la minería canadiense tiene sobre sus vidas, sus hogares y sus territorios.