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Vendredi, novembre 28, 2008

The Boreal BelowJoint news release with Northwatch: A major new report highlights serious impacts on the Canadian boreal forest from all phases of mining activity, from exploration to closure. Two respected mining industry watchdogs – Northwatch and MiningWatch Canada – say they published The Boreal Below (an all-new and expanded version of a widely circulated 2001 report) in response to growing demand from communities across Canada for information and analysis to help understand the impacts of mining on their lives and livelihoods. It provides a carefully-documented analysis of the social, environmental, and cultural impacts of mining from prospecting to mine closure, as well as an overview of the current situation by province and territory.

Vendredi, novembre 28, 2008

Across Canada, communities and Aboriginal governments are saying they have had enough when it comes to the privileged access mining has to land under the existing system, which grants “free entry” to prospectors and mining companies under the assumption the mining is the “highest and best” use of land.

In Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and the Northwest Territories, communities are organizing to end the free entry system.

Lundi, novembre 17, 2008

The Dominion Newspaper is a cooperative, independent, grass roots publication. A special edition, State of Mine: An Investigation of Canada's Extractive Industries was published in November 2008 and is available online at: The online edition features 37 articles on mining issues in Canada and internationally, including articles by MiningWatch Canada's Ramsey Hart and former National Coordinator Joan Kuyek.

Jeudi, octobre 4, 2007

Following a Federal Court decision on September 25, 2007, the future of the proposed Red Chris mine - a huge acid-generating mine proposed for north-western British Columbia – has been put in doubt.

The precedent-setting decision upholds the fundamental right of Canadians to be consulted during the environmental assessment of large mines on the comprehensive study list. The Court found that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act enshrined this right when it was amended in October 2003.

Mardi, septembre 18, 2007

The Kemess North Mine Joint Review Panel has concluded that the mine "in its present form" would not be in the public interest. The Panel says that any economic and social benefits from the project are outweighed by its long-term risks to the environment and by its social and cultural impacts on Aboriginal people. It has recommended to federal and provincial environment Ministers that the project not be permitted.

Mardi, septembre 11, 2007

[Takla First Nation news release] Takla First Nation has informed the British Columbia Minister of Mines and the Minister of Lands that as of Wednesday, September 12, 2007, access to parts of its Territory will be blocked. Takla states it has been left with no other options to address the gold-rush that is taking place throughout the Territory and to protect Takla’s rights and territory. Chief Dolly Abraham stated, “This is out of control. B.C. allows on-line staking and hands out permits to anyone who asks. Mining companies are given permits to build roads and drill in sensitive areas of our Territory. Until there is joint planning and meaningful consultation and accommodation, we will be forced to take action to protect ourselves.”

Lundi, juin 18, 2007

Joint news release with Sierra Legal: (Vancouver) In a case that could have far-reaching consequences, lawyers from Sierra Legal will tell a Federal Court judge tomorrow that development of a large open-pit mine in northern British Columbia should not go ahead until the project has undergone a comprehensive environmental assessment. The Red Chris Mine would turn creek headwaters into a tailings waste dump, destroying fish habitat and risking contamination of the Stikine watershed in northwestern BC.

Lundi, février 5, 2007

Published by EAGLE (Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship through Law and Education) and the Environmental Mining Council of BC. Available here as a PDF (1.7 MB - 299 pages).

From the Introduction:

Vendredi, février 2, 2007

Transboundary Watershed Alliance News Release:

(January 30, 2007–Whitehorse, Yukon, and Juneau, Alaska) The Transboundary Watershed Alliance (TWA) has called upon authorities in British Columbia, Alaska, and at the federal level in Canada and the United States to undertake a full, open, and public binational environmental assessment of the new development proposal for the Tulsequah Chief project in northwest British Columbia.

Mardi, novembre 28, 2006

MiningWatch Canada presented our findings to the Kemess North Mine Environmental Assessment Joint Review Panel on November 22, 2006, concluding that the Panel "has no choice but to find that the Kemess North Mine project poses serious environmental effects which cannot be mitigated and that are not justified under the circumstances."

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