Mardi, avril 23, 2013

An Australian coal mine.Two Australian research organizations recently released a review of the economic assessments of Australian coal projects and found that the proponent-generated reviews greatly overstated the benefits and understated the costs of the projects.

Vendredi, mai 20, 2011

Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) is clearly established as an international human rights norm. The right of Indigenous peoples to grant or withhold approval for actions affecting their rights is an integral element of the right of self-determination. Article 3 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) reflects the right of self-determination in common article 1 of the two human rights Covenants.

Jeudi, septembre 13, 2007

A report on the activities of Goldcorp around the world: “Given the rapid pace of mergers and acquisitions that Goldcorp has made over the last few years, it is too early to see how the new expanded company will behave in the real world, and what kind of social and environmental responsibility it will assume.”

Jeudi, janvier 4, 2007

Mineral Policy Institute Case Study: Consolidated Rutile Ltd. (CRL)

Mardi, mars 7, 2006
Barrick Gold plans to build an open-pit mine at Lake Cowal, using cyanide heap leaching to extract the gold. Lake Cowal, in central western New South Wales, is the biggest inland lake in the state. It is protected under two international agreements on migratory birds with Japan (JAMBA) and China (CAMBA), it is also listed on the national heritage register as a significant wetland, and home to many ...
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