Vale (incl. Inco)

Miércoles, Enero 17, 2007

On January 8th and 9th, 2007, hundreds of police and soldiers in Guatemala forcibly evicted the inhabitants of several communities who were living on lands that a Guatemalan military government had granted to Canadian mining company INCO in 1965. Local indigenous people claim the land to be theirs, and resent the exploitation of a foreign corporation. Canada's Skye Resources now lays claim to the land, and paid workers a nominal sum to destroy people's homes.

Domingo, Noviembre 19, 2006


In the municipal jurisdiction of El Estor in northeastern Guatemala, Maya Q'eqchi' communities represent more than 90% of the population. They are scattered over an area of nearly 3,000 km2 in more than 100 villages as well as the town of El Estor, totaling over 35,000 persons.

Miércoles, Julio 19, 2006

On June 8th, 2006, magistrate Jean-Paul Briseul of the Administrative Court of Nouméa in New Caledonia called on his fellow magistrates to declare Goro-Nickel SA’s licence to operate the Goro mine illegal. On June 15th, the Administrative Court revoked Inco’s 2004 mining licence.

Martes, Mayo 2, 2006
(Ottawa) Today some of the 18 protestors who are alleged to have participated in a blockade that shut down Inco’s Goro nickel mine in New Caledonia from March 29 to April 18 face arraignment in the capital Noumea. Two indigenous Kanak leaders, Raphaël Mapou and André Vama, remain in hiding. The question political authorities of this Pacific island territory of France must ...
Jueves, Abril 27, 2006
Mineral Policy Institute/MiningWatch Canada (Noumea) In a radio interview yesterday evening in New Caledonia, Catherine Guillaume, communications manager for the Goro Nickel mine, acknowledged that a landslide had led to a failure of the company's erosion control management. The incident affected the Kie River that flows directly into the lagoon facing the Merlet Reserve, ...
Jueves, Abril 13, 2006

MiningWatch Canada learned today, through an application under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, that the two mining companies in Ontario with the largest environmental footprint have been allowed to "self-assure" their mining operations against closure and abandonment. The companies themselves estimate the cost of that clean-up as over $585 million.

Lunes, Abril 3, 2006
(Ottawa/Noumea) Indigenous Kanak Chiefs and villagers are currently blockading all access to Inco’s massive Goro Nickel project on the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. The blockades started in the evening of March 29th. All terrestrial access to the Goro Nickel’s plant site, power plant site and mine is blocked with heavy trucks and huge ...
Domingo, Octubre 2, 2005

From Rights Action:

GUATEMALA: This urgent action deals with recent repression possibly related to opposition to the mining operations of Skye Resources Inc., a Canadian nickel mining company.

On September 27, at midday, the offices of CTC (Central de Trabajadores del Campo) the umbrella organization of FTCC (Federación de Trabajadores del Campo y la Ciudad) were attacked and robbed by six armed men. According to CTC employees, files were rifled, a computer stolen and several cellphones stolen.

Miércoles, Septiembre 28, 2005

Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) – MiningWatch Canada – Society for Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility (CESR)

For Immediate Release

Today, Wednesday, September 28, 2005, over five hundred people are staging a blockade at the PT Inco mine site in Sorowako, Indonesia while facing intimidation by hired men to break up the blockade and create horizontal conflict within the community. Several people earlier detained by police for several hours have been released.