Miércoles, Marzo 20, 2013

Urgent Action: Prevailing climate of violence in southern Guatemala warrants full investigation and, given lack of social licence, Canadian company's departure. 

Viernes, Marzo 15, 2013

News release: A recent Guatemalan Constitutional Court decision regarding the 1997 Mining Law contradicts the country's international human rights obligations to respect Indigenous rights and is a step back from earlier jurisprudence. US, Canadian and Guatemalan organizations are asking how Canada's obligations to promote respect for Indigenous rights might also have been contravened.

Viernes, Marzo 8, 2013

Development and Peace and MiningWatch Canada stand in solidarity with our sisters in struggle for justice and health from the communities of the Siria Valley, Honduras while they demonstrate in Tegucigalpa for International Women’s Day.

Jueves, Febrero 28, 2013

Lolita Chávez says it is love of life that motivates her to risk her own as an outspoken Maya K'iche' activist against racism, mining, and hydroelectric project developments in the highlands of Guatemala.

Jueves, Febrero 28, 2013

Open Letter: Canadian and US civil society organizations are calling for the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) to open an investigation to determine who is responsible for recent violence surrounding Tahoe Resources' Escobal mine site in order that the case be brought to justice. They flag deep concern that the current investigation could be prejudiced and that public allegations against community members defending their right to live in a healthy environment could put them at risk of further violence or otherwise subject them to groundless legal actions.

Lunes, Noviembre 26, 2012

When Goldcorp flew four MPs and a Senator on a company jet to Guatemala at the end of August, it was lobbying both Canadian and Guatemalan legislators. MiningWatch broke the story to the Guatemalan press before the junket touched down in Guatemala City leading to strong national media coverage in the Central American country and later hitting national news in Canada once Goldcorp’s lobbyist reported the trip to the lobbyist registry in Ottawa.

Lunes, Noviembre 26, 2012

People living in countries with weak governance and fragile legal systems have limited access to justice when faced with human rights and environmental abuses by multinational corporations. In 2008, the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) of the United Nations looking at the issue, John Ruggie, concluded that globalization creates opportunity for multinationals to harm people in other countries (host States) where access to justice is difficult:

Viernes, Noviembre 2, 2012

Living next to a mine can really be the pits. Even in established and historic mining areas, local communities are being challenged with new bigger-than-ever projects and mine expansions that threaten their health, quality of life and properties. Three such communities that have been making news lately are Malartic, Quebec; Keno City, Yukon; and Timmins, Ontario.

Martes, Septiembre 11, 2012

News release: Records filed Monday confirm that four Canadian Members of Parliament and one Senator flew on Goldcorp’s tab to visit company operations in Guatemala and meet with legislators in charge of mines at the end of August.

Jueves, Septiembre 6, 2012

Open Letter: Canadian and US social and environmental justice organizations and networks have written to the Canadian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the Americas calling for a stop to criminalization of environmental rights advocates in Guatemala in connection with Tahoe Resources' Escobal silver mine project.