Lunes, Febrero 17, 2014

Alert: Carlos Amador, an environmentalist and communicator from the Siria Valley in Honduras, is denouncing that over the last few months he has been watched and followed by unknown individuals using vehicles with tinted windows and without licence plates. He attributes this situation to the work he does in the area in defence of the environment and through exercising his freedom of expression through local radio and television programs.

Lunes, Enero 27, 2014

How is it that when community leaders are wrongfully targeted in the aftermath of violence connected with Tahoe Resources’ Escobal mine they spend months in jail, while the company’s former head of security who faces criminal charges for his alleged role in the violence last April is first given house arrest and then allowed to avoid prison by arguing that he is sick?

Martes, Diciembre 17, 2013

News release: Contrary to Tahoe Resources’ recent claims, tens of thousands of people oppose its Escobal project in southeastern Guatemala. Repression and violence have been the outcome of company and government efforts to install the project without social support. A recent high-court decision in Guatemala reinforces the legitimacy and importance of local decision-making processes.

Martes, Octubre 8, 2013

Canadian Embassies have regularly gone to bat to protect the interests of Canadian mining companies in cases where communities don’t want them and/or where there have been egregious human rights and environmental abuses.

Martes, Septiembre 3, 2013

Press Release: Tuesday, Guatemala's Western Peoples' Council of Mayan organizations (CPO) filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) alleging that the country’s mining law was approved without their prior consultation as required under both national and international law.

Jueves, Julio 25, 2013

News release: Early this week, the Civil and Mercantile Division of Guatemala’s First Court of Appeals announced that it is upholding an appeal associated with Tahoe Resources' production licence for the Escobal project, where tensions have run high in recent months, given broad community opposition.

Lunes, Junio 3, 2013

News release: On Friday, the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP) called on the Ontario Securities Commission to investigate Tahoe Resources for poor disclosure in the wake of wiretap evidence linking two of its security personnel to shootings at its only mine project in southeast Guatemala.

Miércoles, Mayo 22, 2013

Report: International delegation to El Salvador releases preliminary report of findings following visit to three emblematic sites in and on the border of Latin America's most densely populated country where civil society is carrying out a struggle to ban metallic mining.

Miércoles, Mayo 8, 2013

Investor Alert: Today, the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) and MiningWatch Canada warned Tahoe Resources investors against further investment in the Escobal silver project, given lack of community support and increasing violence and repression in the area.

Miércoles, Marzo 20, 2013

Urgent Action: Prevailing climate of violence in southern Guatemala warrants full investigation and, given lack of social licence, Canadian company's departure.