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Lunes, Noviembre 17, 2008

The Dominion Newspaper is a cooperative, independent, grass roots publication. A special edition, State of Mine: An Investigation of Canada's Extractive Industries was published in November 2008 and is available online at: www.dominionpaper.ca/issue/55. The online edition features 37 articles on mining issues in Canada and internationally, including articles by MiningWatch Canada's Ramsey Hart and former National Coordinator Joan Kuyek.

Miércoles, Febrero 21, 2007

The Canadian mining map was produced by the Halifax Initiative during the National Roundtables on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Canadian Extractive Industry in Developing Countries. The Roundtables, which took place between June and November of 2006, fulfilled one of the recommendations made in the groundbreaking report, Mining in Developing Countries and Corporate Social Responsibility, tabled by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (SCFAIT) in June 2005.

Lunes, Enero 29, 2007

An NGO worker from the Salt Study Group lends a hand in the communal rice field. Photo by Terri Bennett & David Ferris.
An NGO worker from the Salt Study Group lends a hand in the communal rice field.
Domingo, Abril 30, 2006

By Sara Schaumburg

April 2006

Boonlert – a slight and unassuming man wearing a bright yellow hat – hardly looks like someone wanted by the police. Neither, for that matter, does La-iat, who lies on a nearby mat. Five months pregnant and visibly uncomfortable in the stifling midday heat, La-iat munches irritably on sour mangoes.

Boonlert Lekkhieo, 56, and La-iat Onsa-art, 38, are two leaders of the Udon Thani Conservation Club, a group of villagers who are fighting plans to construct a multi-billion baht potash mine beneath their farmland.

Miércoles, Agosto 31, 2005

Response from Peter McCaslin to Mr. Forbes West, representing Asia Pacific Resources, and his 2 August 2005 letter in response to McCaslin's recent articles published here and by the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.

5 August 2005

To: Forbes West
Investor Relations Advisor
The Sherbourne Group

Dear Sir,

Jueves, Mayo 26, 2005


Southeast Asia

May 26, 2005
Thai Mining Conflict Feared Fatal

By Vincent MacIsaac

BANGKOK - Thai villagers battling a Canadian company's 12-year effort to dig a massive mine beneath them are preparing for the conflict to turn fatal, as the company, Asia Pacific Resources (APR), intensifies its efforts to obtain its long-delayed mining lease.

Domingo, Mayo 8, 2005

A case study by independent researcher Peter McCaslin.

Miércoles, Febrero 16, 2005

By Peter McCaslin

Potash, a coarse, reddish mineral used to make chemical fertilizers, is giving rise to more than just high crop yields in the province of Udorn Thani. Plans by Asia Pacific Potash Corporation (APPC) to build a “world-class” potash mine under private farmland has stirred up a storm of emotions over the past four years, and recent developments have only made things worse.

If concerns from local residents are not adequately addressed, Udorn Thani could be a ticking time bomb.

Viernes, Mayo 2, 2003

Several hundred villagers from the Udon Thani Environmental Conservation Group gathered in Bangkok this week to voice concerns to the Ministry of Industry about the Asia Pacific Potash Corporation's (APPC) planned potash mine in Udon Thani province. APPC is 90% owned by the Canadian company Asia Pacific Resources Ltd. (APR).