Lunes, Noviembre 15, 2010

On October 4, 2010, Export Development Canada (EDC) announced that it would provide up to a billion dollars in loans to international mining giant Vale. Half of the amount is targeted to projects at former Inco facilities in Canada; the other half will be available for operations outside Canada but that use Canadian goods and services, or to support exports involving Canadian suppliers.

Martes, Enero 5, 2010

At the invitation of Brazilian activists who are supporting communities struggling against multinational mining giant Vale (formerly Companhia Vale do Rio Doce) in Brazil, and with support from the Steelworkers Humanity Fund and the Canadian Auto Workers Social Justice Fund, MiningWatch’s Catherine Coumans attended the World Social Foru

Miércoles, Diciembre 23, 2009

UPDATEAfter 2-day strike in the Veladero mine (December 17-18, 2009) OSMA-CTA (Organización Sindical de Mineros Argentinos) and Barrick Gold in Argentina signed a historic agreement on Jan. 12, 2010.

Martes, Agosto 18, 2009

United Steel Workers (USW) members from Sudbury, Ontario, are on strike to protect important, hard won benefits including pensions and the "nickel bonus". The bonus is a profit sharing mechanism paid to Vale Inco mine workers when nickel prices are high. Despite making substantial profits in recent years, the company is claiming that its Sudbury operations are not sustainable. Vale Inco staff are on record as saying they want to harmonize labour benefits across their global operations.

Miércoles, Julio 19, 2006

Submitted by Alternatives North.

What is BHP-Billiton so afraid of? That’s the question Mining Watch’s Joan Kuyek asked recently in Yellowknife, NWT, while speaking about the strike at the Australian mining giant’s Ekati diamond mine, 300 kilometres north of the city.

Sábado, Abril 8, 2006
Almost five years after the Globe and Mail published a full page story that raised an alarm about silicosis among gold miners in the Hemlo Camp in northern Ontario, little has changed. The Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers explains silicosis this way: “Breathing dust containing free ...
Viernes, Marzo 31, 2006

Mine workers and their families are among the first to feel the impact of poorly designed mines. Over the years, labour activism has been the most important force in improving the safety of the mine environment.

Domingo, Marzo 7, 2004

President Alvaro Uribe Vélez moved to liquidate the State Mining Company of Colombia, Minercol Ltda., through Decree 254 of January 28, 2004 - at the same wiping out its employees' union Sintraminercol and clearing the way for the wholesale turnover of the exploration, exploitation and administration of mineral, energy, and public resources to multinational corporations.

Miércoles, Enero 28, 2004

We, the citizens of the world, have been informed by the workers affiliated to SINTRAMINERCOL-FUNTRAENERGETICA-CUT of the results of their study, titled Large-Scale Mining in Colombia: The Profits of Extermination, and of the decision of President Alvaro Uribe Vélez to liquidate the State Mining Company of Colombia, Minercol Ltda., through Decree 254 of January 28, 2004.

Colombia, Labour
Domingo, Febrero 23, 2003
On January 14, 2003, Triton Minera S. A., a 95% owned subsidiary of Black Hawk Mining signed a new two-year agreement with the Union "Pedro Roque Blandon" representing the workers at its El Limón Mine in Nicaragua. Workers had been without a contract since October, 2001. The signing of the new agreement brings an end to a series of ...