Educational Materials

Jueves, Junio 23, 2005

It is estimated that 60% of all mining activity in Canada takes place on Aboriginal lands. In many cases Aboriginal people have been hit the hardest by the social and environmental impacts of mining activities, from exploration through mine development and operation and to closure and abandonment.

Mining and mineral exploration can bring opportunities for economic development, jobs and training. It can also bring environmental destruction, abrupt cultural change and fundamental changes in the way people use land.

Sábado, Noviembre 30, 2002

MiningWatch Canada is finalizing a workplan and proposal for the development of a multidisciplinary educational resource about mining issues. Recognizing the importance of developing critical-thinking skills in young minds, we want to create a module about the economic, social, environmental, and cultural impacts of mining activity and metals extraction. The resource, which will be in the form of a series of posters accompanied with a teacher's activities guide, will meet the Ministry of Education's Ontario Curriculum standards for Grades 4-7.

Miércoles, Agosto 14, 2002

Planet in Focus will be holding its third annual international environmental film and video festival in Toronto, September 25-30, 2002. Planet in Focus's mission is to promote the use of film and video as a catalyst for public awareness, discussion and appropriate action on the ecological and social health of the planet.

This year Planet in Focus will be screening three films that focus on the impacts of mining on communities and the environment:

Viernes, Julio 6, 2001

After the Mine: Healing our Lands and NationsReport from a workshop on abandoned mines sponsored by the Assembly of First Nations and MiningWatch Canada, Sudbury, Ontario, May 11-13, 2001: Abandoned mines are a serious and immediate danger to human health and the environment.

Viernes, Mayo 11, 2001

To respond effectively to the challenges of mineral development, communities need the context and information necessary to understand and weigh the issues. This booklet profiles major impacts associated with mines developed in remote areas.

Lunes, Marzo 30, 1998

Windy CraggyAs "ordinary" citizens, we can feel pretty cut off from the boardrooms, private meetings, and government departments where decisions are made. We can also feel shut out by the fancy, technical language of so called experts. Irresponsible mining developments can have devastating effects on ecologies and local communities. But what can we do about it?