Corporate Social Responsibility

Miércoles, Mayo 22, 2013

News release: In a new report, More Shine Than Substance: How RJC certification fails to create responsible jewelleryan international coalition of labour and environmental groups indicts the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)’s certification system as misleading jewellery consumers. The RJC holds its annual meeting in Milan on May 23.

Martes, Mayo 14, 2013

Since January, 2013, MiningWatch Canada has raised concern about the fact that Barrick Gold is seeking legal immunity from victims of rape by mine security guards at the company’s Porgera Joint Venture Mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Lunes, Mayo 13, 2013

News release: A complaint has been brought by Rights and Accountability in Development (RAID), a human rights organisation, concerning mining assets controlled by companies associated with ENRC in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), including Canadian company Africo Resources.

Jueves, Mayo 2, 2013

As Eldorado Gold holds its annual shareholders’ meeting in Vancouver today, Canadians may ask themselves why the company’s plans to mine gold in northern Greece are meeting such strong resistance from residents and even some local authorities. There are really only two problems: what the company is planning to do, and how it is going about doing it.

Miércoles, Abril 24, 2013

News release: Barrick Gold’s shareholder meeting today is the first since the company has started to implement a long-overdue remedy program for hundreds of alleged rape victims in Papua New Guinea. However, in return for individual benefit packages the women must provide Barrick legal immunity by signing an agreement never to sue the company for their rape.

Martes, Abril 16, 2013

News release: (Ottawa) Eight Canadian organizations today sent a strongly worded letter to CEO John Morgan of Canadian mining company Infinito Gold, demanding that the company end its decade-long harassment of the people and the government of Costa Rica, and that it withdraw its April 4 threat to sue the small Central American country for US$1 billion if it is not allowed to build its Crucitas open-pit gold mine.

Sábado, Marzo 23, 2013

Letters to Dr. Navanethem Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) re: abuse by Barrick Gold of a non-judicial grievance mechanism for victims of rape by security guards at the Porgera Joint Venture mine in Papua New Guinea.

Viernes, Febrero 15, 2013

The deal that Barrick Gold is offering women who were raped and gang raped by employees of its Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea is not "fair" as a Globe and Mail editorial deemed this week. And it's not only Barrick that's delayed far too long in addressing these egregious abuses.

Miércoles, Enero 30, 2013

Ottawa - Washington, D.C. - Oxford, January 30, 2013. Following years of denial, Barrick Gold is implementing a remedy program for victims of rape by employees of its Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) mine in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Lunes, Noviembre 26, 2012

Two queries submitted to the Canadian government with support from MiningWatch in recent months have turned up further evidence that Canadian aid spending is at odds with communities’ interests.