Corporate Social Responsibility

Jueves, Noviembre 8, 2012

News release: Mining critics are calling yesterday’s parliamentary committee report on the use of Canadian aid money to support mining companies’ interests in developing countries “a wholesale handover of CIDA to the private sector.”

Miércoles, Octubre 17, 2012

Consistent public criticism of the industry for environmental and social issues at home and abroad have pushed the industry into taking a pro-active response to these concerns. Much of this effort is wrapped up in the language of “corporate social responsibility”. Our experience shows that while such practices may bring some improvements in performance and transparency, they also serve to obfuscate outstanding issues within the sector and detract from processes to develop necessary mandatory regulatory improvements.

Jueves, Septiembre 13, 2012

MiningWatch Canada has released a report on Taseko Mines Ltd. that cautions investors about the significant risks and uncertainties that investments in the mid-tier mining company could be exposed to given the company’s continued expenditures and efforts to advance its controversial New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project.

Martes, Agosto 28, 2012

News release: A leaked Goldcorp lobbyist's invitation to a Member of Parliament to join a junket to Guatemala raises questions about how the company might be trying to throw its weight around in the Central American country.

Viernes, Junio 15, 2012

Efforts by the Canadian government and the mining industry to promote and support mining as a core element of international development have lately became the focus of intense and prolonged media coverage, opening the issue up to broader public scrutiny.

Lunes, Abril 30, 2012

News release: A delegation of Central American and North American representatives called on Goldcorp to take responsibility for the cleanup at current mine sites, and alerted shareholders to outstanding public health issues, environmental degradation and conflict.

Martes, Abril 17, 2012

Shareholder Resolution: Three Goldcorp shareholders have filed a resolution with the company to be voted on at its 2012 Annual General Meeting. The resolution asks Goldcorp to fully fund the closure and post closure of the Marlin mine in Guatemala, consult with local communities regarding closure and post-closure plans, and to publicly disclose a comprehensive account of its closure and post-closure plans now and in the future.

Jueves, Marzo 22, 2012

In the latest edition of Embassy Magazine, NDP leadership candidates were asked to articulate their top foreign policy priorities. The positions were pretty similar; most included elements of climate change, fairer trade, and a less militarized approach to diplomacy. None included corporate accountability of the Canadian extractives sector in their top priorities.

Jueves, Marzo 15, 2012

News release: Two years after filing a complaint with the RCMP for corruption allegations against Calgary-based Blackfire Resources, a group of Canadian civil society organizations would like to know where Canadian authorities stand on the company's controversial operations in Chiapas, Mexico. But, after an eighteen-month wait, a request for information to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade under the Access to Information Act is still unanswered.

Jueves, Marzo 15, 2012

News release: A consortium of Canadian and Mongolian organisations has filed a complaint with the Canadian government over apparent violations of Mongolian law and international corporate responsibility guidelines by Centerra Gold Inc. in its Mongolian operations.