Corporate Social Responsibility

Viernes, Noviembre 28, 2008

Report by the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA): Large-scale mining, oil and gas extraction is dirty business. Extractive projects often pit investors, extractive companies and national governments against communities and indigenous groups who seek to protect land and resources that support their livelihoods. In their quest for profit, some governments and extractive companies cut corners on environmental protection and are complicit in human rights violations.

Martes, Marzo 25, 2008

Joint news release: Congolese and international non-governmental organisations welcomed the publication of the review of mining contracts by the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and called on the government to ensure that the renegotiation of contracts is conducted openly and fairly.

Jueves, Noviembre 1, 2007

Mining InvestorsCommunities dealing with the impact from mining activities (whether at the claim-staking, exploration, development, operating, closure, or restoration/rehabilitation stage) find themselves confronted by a legal entity they may not understand, making demands that are contrary to the desires of the community, and giving reason for its behaviour that they do not know how to counteract.

Miércoles, Julio 18, 2007

This analysis was undertaken following the publication of two letters accusing MiningWatch Canada of “genocide” and of keeping the Shuar people of Southeast Ecuador in poverty (see MiningWatch Responds to Ecuadorian Letters). The letters make special reference to Corriente Resources’ ‘Mirador’ project.

Martes, Julio 17, 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is visiting Chile to mark the tenth anniversary of the Free Trade Agreement between the two nations. Representatives from Chilean civil society asked the Canadian embassy in Chile to facilitate a visit between the Prime Minister and communities affected by Canadian mining companies. Their request has been denied.

Martes, Mayo 29, 2007
OTTAWA-“If they’d have arrested me, things would have been different. I wouldn’t have been standing before you here today. They wanted me dead.” Harrowing words, coming from a man as soft spoken as Carlos Zorrilla, but not hard to believe given that as Executive Director of DECOIN (Intag Ecological Defence and Conservation) he is one of the most visible and outspoken opponents ...
Miércoles, Abril 18, 2007
(Ottawa) An Ecuadorian environmental group today called on the Canadian government to insist that its companies abide by the highest standards of conduct when operating overseas in order to prevent Canadian mining companies from continuing to threaten fragile eco-systems and local communities, while tarnishing Canada’s image both at home and internationally. Carlos Zorrilla, ...
Miércoles, Abril 18, 2007

The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) commends the Government of Canada for its ground-breaking consultation on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Canadian extractive industry in developing countries. The process, which was led by a federal government Steering Committee, is an important step forward.

Viernes, Marzo 30, 2007

Front page of El Norte, March 28, 2007It took three months of protest by local communities and an intervention by the provincial Governor and two government ministries, but Ascendant Copper Corporation has agreed to curtail its activities in the Intag region of Imbabura Province in Ecuador.