Canatuan Project - TVI Pacific

Martes, Noviembre 8, 2011

News release: The government of Zamboanga del Norte in the Philippines has issued an ordinance prohibiting new open pit mines in the province.

Viernes, Agosto 17, 2007

Submission to the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination Regarding: Discrimination against the Subanon of Mt Canatuan, Siocon, Zambonga del Norte, Philippines in the context of large-scale gold mining on their ancestral domain.

Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination, 71st Session, 30th July-18th August 2007.

Miércoles, Febrero 21, 2007

The Canadian mining map was produced by the Halifax Initiative during the National Roundtables on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Canadian Extractive Industry in Developing Countries. The Roundtables, which took place between June and November of 2006, fulfilled one of the recommendations made in the groundbreaking report, Mining in Developing Countries and Corporate Social Responsibility, tabled by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (SCFAIT) in June 2005.

Martes, Octubre 24, 2006

The community at TVI Pacific’s mine site in the municipality of Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte is made up of indigenous Subanon, some of whom are native to that place and included in the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title, and others that have been come from others areas to work for TVI Pacific, and “settlers,” mainly from the Visayan region of the Philippines, some of whom were small scale miners all of whom are now agricultural.

Jueves, Octubre 20, 2005

On October 20, 2005, MiningWatch Canada held a round table on "Regulating Canadian Mining Companies Operating Internationally" with industry, government, and civil society representatives, including invited guests from Latin America, Africa and Asia to examine options for regulatory and/or legislative change and debate the opportunities and difficulties of moving these options forward within the current Canadian political context.

Miércoles, Septiembre 7, 2005

In a landmark report, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (SCFAIT) calls on the Canadian government to ensure "socially and environmentally responsible conduct by Canadian companies."

Sábado, Agosto 13, 2005

(Ottawa) Representatives of the local government, Indigenous Peoples, civil society and sectoral organizations from Siocon, a municipality in the southern Philippines, have travelled to Canada to declare their collective opposition to the plans of Canadian mining company TVI Pacific to operate a gold, copper and silver mine on Mount Canatuan. The mine is within the ancestral land of the Subanon people and within the critical watershed of the downstream communities of Siocon.

Sábado, Agosto 13, 2005

Canadian mining company TVI Pacific Inc. (TVI), listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:TVI), faces social opposition to its proposed mining activities in the Philippines from a united front of citizens from diverse cultural backgrounds in the town of Siocon, in south-western Mindanao, the Philippines. The Indigenous Subanon, who live in the mountains where TVI wants to locate its mine, have come out against the project. Down-stream communities in the fertile valley below the mine are opposed to the mine as they have already observed negative effects from the mine's operations on the Siocon and Lituban Rivers that they rely on for irrigation and fish farming. Muslims from Siocon, living on the coast, rely on fishing for their livelihood and they too blame the mine for deteriorating fishing conditions in the river's estuaries. All three affected communities have unified in the Save Siocon Paradise Movement. In elections held in May of 2004, mayoral candidate César Soriano campaigned on the platform that if elected he would oppose the TVI mine. He won a landslide victory, winning twice as many votes as his nearest competitor.

Sábado, Agosto 13, 2005

In October, MiningWatch's Catherine Coumans visited communities affected by TVI Pacific's mine in the municipality of Siocon, on the Zamboanga peninsula of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

Martes, Julio 5, 2005

The House of Commons Subcommittee on Human Rights and International Development submitted its third report to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, which adopted the report on June 26, 2005. The report (the Committee's 14th), Mining in Developing Countries -- Corporate Social Responsibility calls for legislation to regulate the activities of Canadian mining companies operating in developing countries.