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Jueves, Junio 1, 2006

Update (July 2006): This matter is now before the courts in Chile, and no longer subject to political decisions. Please support our Chilean counterparts in their continuing struggle for democracy and environmental protection.

It's not too late! Barrick Gold's Pascua Lama project in the Andean peaks between Chile and Argentina threatens precious water resources and ancient glaciers. But it can still be stopped!

Chile, Barrick Gold
Sábado, Abril 8, 2006
Canadian gold mining company Placer Dome, recently acquired by Barrick Gold, has confirmed reports coming out of the remote Papua New Guinea highlands that security guards at its Porgera gold mine have been shooting at, and killing, villagers. Placer Dome is owns a 75% interest in, and operates, the ...
Sábado, Abril 8, 2006

On February 25, 2006, the Canada Gazette published a “Notice with Respect to Substances in the National Pollutant Release Inventory for 2006”. In “General Criteria”, Section 3(1)(h), the mining exemption now only applies to “pits and quarries”.

Sábado, Abril 8, 2006
Almost five years after the Globe and Mail published a full page story that raised an alarm about silicosis among gold miners in the Hemlo Camp in northern Ontario, little has changed. The Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers explains silicosis this way: “Breathing dust containing free ...
Martes, Marzo 7, 2006
Barrick Gold plans to build an open-pit mine at Lake Cowal, using cyanide heap leaching to extract the gold. Lake Cowal, in central western New South Wales, is the biggest inland lake in the state. It is protected under two international agreements on migratory birds with Japan (JAMBA) and China (CAMBA), it is also listed on the national heritage register as a significant wetland, and home to many ...
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Martes, Febrero 7, 2006

Mr. President
Ricardo Lagos E.
La Moneda,
Santiago, Chile.

Your Excellency,

The hereafter signatory organisations write to inform you of their total support for the content of the letter sent last year by diverse Chilean organisations, including 18,000 signatures which endorsed the great preoccupation raised by the possibility of your government’s approval of the Pascua Lama mining project. Its eventual approval - in spite of the growing opposition to this project in Chile and worldwide, is still worrying us today.

Chile, Barrick Gold
Viernes, Febrero 3, 2006

Catherine Coumans, Ph.D.

The geochemistry of the Tapian ore body is such that acid drainage and metal leaching from exposed tailings, such as those in the causeway, must be expected. The sulphide mineral nature of the Tapian ore body, which is linked to acid drainage and metal leaching is well documented.

"The principal sulphide copper mineral is chalcopyrite. (...) Pyrite [iron sulphide] is intimately associated with the chalcopyrite..."

(The Philippine Mining Journal: October 1969).

Domingo, Enero 29, 2006

Dennis Tessier's Master's thesis (for the University of Dar Es Salaam) examines the role stakeholder engagement could play in bringing about sustainable development in Tanzania's gold mining industry. The study was conducted using qualitative research methods with three primary areas of focus: a historical analysis of gold mining within the region prior to the major restructuring of the Tanzania mining industry in the 1990s; an analysis of the 1997 Mineral Policy and 1998 Mining Act and an analysis of the current state of stakeholder engagement.

Tanzania, Barrick Gold
Miércoles, Diciembre 21, 2005

Community groups on both side of the Argentina-Chile border are increasing their opposition to Barrick Gold’s proposed Pascua Lama project in Chile, while criticism of its Veladero project already under way on the Argentinean side of the border is also mounting. There have been protests in both countries and even a blockade on the Argentinean side.

Martes, Noviembre 8, 2005

Presentation by César Padilla of the Chile-based Observatorio Latinoamericano de Conflictos Ambientales to a round table on "Regulating Canadian Mining Companies Operating Internationally" held by MiningWatch Canada in Ottawa on October 20, 2005.

Chile, Barrick Gold