Submarine Tailings Disposal Toolkit

STD Toolkit - introSubmarine Tailings Disposal ("STD" in industry jargon) is the practice of dumping mine tailings into the sea through a submerged pipe. It is a serious and growing threat to ocean ecosystems especially in the Pacific. This package brings together case studies and background information on the ocean dumping of mine wastes. Published jointly by MiningWatch Canada and Project Underground, June 2002, in English and Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

Available as a series of PDF files:

Introduction: Mining’s Problem with Waste179.81 KB
Philippines Case Studies - Marinduque and Mindoro256.63 KB
Indonesian Case Studies - Minahasa Raya and Nusa Tenggara186.27 KB
Papua New Guinea Case Studies - Ramu and Lihir162.7 KB
Glossary and folder1.34 MB