About Us

MiningWatch Canada is a pan-Canadian initiative supported by environmental, social justice, Aboriginal and labour organisations from across the country. We were created by our founding members in 1999 to address the need for a co-ordinated public interest response to the threats to public health, water and air quality, fish and wildlife habitat and community interests posed by irresponsible mineral policies and practices in Canada and around the world.

See a short video profile of the organization and our work here.

The aims of MiningWatch Canada are to:

  • ensure that mineral development practices are consistent with the goals of sustainable communities and ecological health;
  • strengthen technical and strategic skills within communities and organisations faced with impacts of mineral development;
  • impose appropriate terms and conditions on mining and in some cases prevent the development of projects that would adversely affect areas of ecological, economic and cultural significance; and
  • advocate policies to improve the efficiency and reduce the risks of mineral development.

MiningWatch Canada is a direct response to industry and government failures to protect the public and the environment from destructive mining practices and to deliver on their rhetoric. With technical and strategic expertise from across Canada, MiningWatch Canada carries out and/or supports the monitoring, analysis and advocacy necessary to affect the behaviour of industry and public decision-makers.

A national non-profit with dedicated staff in an Ottawa-based office, and supporting initiatives from partners in affected communities in Canada and around the world, MiningWatch Canada is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a range of experts, community leaders and activists from across Canada. Hear them talk about why MiningWatch is an "essential Canadian organization".

MiningWatch Canada is a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC) and adheres to its Code of Ethics.

Please call or write to us at:
MiningWatch Canada
250 City Centre Ave., Suite 508
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6K7
tel. (613) 569-3439
fax: (613) 569-5138
e-mail: info(at)miningwatch.ca